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ame Pump Specialists has recently entered a distributorship with Tsurumi pumps Japan.

From 1924 through to today Tsurumi has been a market leader and innovator in the development of submersible pumps from small domestic sizings through corrosion resistant and seawater resistant units, to huge, 5000 lps units for stormwater and flood mitigation. ame has long been a supporter of Tsurumi, and following some local changes, jumped at the opportunity to add the brand to our portfolio, expanding the options available to our customers, and further developing our top tier brand relationships.

Tsurumi Submersible corrosion-resistant pumps are made of stainless steel (304 or 316) and titanium. Because these materials are used, the pumps can handle chemical fluids of low pH value (e.g., corrosive acidic fluid), as well as seawater.
The corrosion-resistant pumps use highly corrosion-resistant materials for all parts that are exposed to fluids, including the impeller, casing, motor frame, outer cover, strainer stand, bend, flange and sealing parts.

Tsurumi puts particular effort into developing submersible pumps made of 316 stainless steel casting. In recent years, polluted water and runoff from mines and quarries have been cited as social problems in many countries, to the point that demand for pumps that can handle these fluids has been increasing year by year. In fact, more than 40% of the runoff from mines is strongly acidic with a pH value of less than 4. To meet this application, Tsurumi has aggressively continued development of all stainless steel pumps that are made of 316 stainless steel casting.
Because they are made of stainless steel casting, the pumps are resistant to wastewater containing abrasive substances, as well as corrosive fluids. That is, these pumps deliver the durability needed in harsh fields where pumps made of aluminium, stainless steel and cast iron suffer damage in a matter of weeks, if not days. More specifically, principal parts of the LH/LH-W-14 and SFQ series are made of 316 stainless steel casting, which considerably improves product reliability in comparison with stainless steel in applications involving heavy-duty work. Therefore, Tsurumi’s stainless steel pumps can serve in harsh environments such as mines and quarries, as well as in chemical plants and wastewater treatment plants, thus covering a wide range of applications.

Furthermore, Tsurumi offers seawater pumps that use titanium for parts exposed to fluids. The combination of resin and titanium enables a lightweight compact design that is the most suitable for handling seawater.

For High Temperature Liquids Tsurumi manufactures submersible pumps to handle liquids up to 80°C. Many are already in service at sites that need to discharge high temperature liquids, including industrial wastewater from power plants and steel mills, and hot spring discharge from mines in volcanic zones.
Tsurumi’s standard specification pumps can move liquids of up to 40°C, but Rank 60 and 80 pumps are available as options for liquids of 60° and 80°C, respectively. Insulation class, rubber materials, lubrication and bearing grease are upgraded for each temperature rank.
Backed by years of experience and know-how, Tsurumi develops hot liquid pumps to withstand harsh working conditions.

Ask us about 0.25kw through to 110kW submersible corrosion resistant pumps. Suitable for harsh environments such as mines and quarries, as well as in chemical plants, waste water treatment plants and seawater applications.

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