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The sale of a pump is just the end of a process, the selection, suitability, consideration and on going running costs are the primary drivers and ultimately the cost savers.

Selection criteria needs to be evaluated, the availability of on going spares, the efficiency of the pumps that we narrow down, your system interaction with the pumps ability to meet required duty points, all of these items are considered before we offer a pump. With access to over 250 brands of pump from around the world, we are able to size, select, supply and support every pump that leaves our premises, after all, we are pump specialists !

" ..  it is the support that you [Philip], Allan and Bernie have given us that we value most. The assistance you been able to provide has been excellent, making Assett highly regarded by everyone .. "

Consultant Engineers.


With a sales team full of experience and expertise, we can follow up the selection process, with total cost of ownership (TCO) considerations to provide you with a pump suited to your duty, at a cost suited to your budget. The costs may not be evident without looking at the TCO, the savings in power, the liekly repair cycles and costing, and that is why we don't import unknown and unsupported knock off pumps from the various unknown pump manufacturers.

With brands like Ebsray, Wilden, Nash, Grundfos, Flowserve, Watson Marlow Bredel, Iwaki and Seepex as key partners, sole distributorships, or OEM representatives, we stand behind every pump we sell. We know that the R&D behind each of these companies means a quick response if you have a problem, our access to the production facilities means we can expedite an order, and our tight integration with these OEMs allows us to offer the best product at the very best price. 

" We are lucky in SA to having a company such as AME. Your knowledge in Fluid Mechanic (pump, pipe and controlling system) is second to none..."

Project Engineer, Infrastructure Operations

Our Prime Brands

ame sources pumps from around the globe, we do have some preferred iconic brands of course, and they have been well proven in the field by giving our clients decades of trouble free service. This is more important now than ever before, with cheap imports, copies and knock offs flooding the market, aside from questionable safety and performance, lack of technical information, the lack of future support, and the moral implications of a wasteful consumer society, they are often supported by only one importer in Australia, which can leave you in the lurch if things go wrong and the sole importer of that container load of pumps is no longer around!


Companies like Grundfos, who are arguably market leaders in a number of fields, with massive amounts of reinvestment into their own research and development, often imitated, never beaten, their pumps are generally the most copied units that we see. Grundfos started in 1962 with circulators, ’67 ( a great year ! ) saw their first production of SS submersibles, and 1972 vertical multistage pumps made an appearance. They have been at the forefront of innovative pumping solutions ever since, and we are proud to be closely associated them. Oh, they sell pumps in every part of the world too, and their head office is here in Adelaide, so if the suburb of Torrensville was to fall into a sinkhole, you can still get all the backup, support and service you will ever need! ame is proud to announce that we have been assigned the sole Industrial Dealer moniker by Grundfos for South Australia.

FLS Logo with TKL PumpsFlowserve are the new Thompson Kelly & Lewis, manufacturer of some of the most reliable pumping equipment in Australia. We have clients right now who still utilise their KL Model 50’s and 70’s, Supertitan and Hydrotitan pumps and even older Worthington and Thompson BGH pumps every day, day in, day out. Flowserve is the large American based company that purchased them some years ago, and brought with them the Durco Chemical Process pumps, the HPX API 610 pumps and a myriad of more industry specific units that many clients standardise on across Australia, and all over the world. The Total Cost of Ownership for a quality built unit from Flowserve is easily justifiable, more environmentally sustainable, and able to be customised to suit your application. Did you know we have recently been able to get drawings for units built in the 1940’s from Flowserve with spare parts still able to be manufactured! Then again you can trace their products back through their current truly global manufacturing base to 1790 .. ame have only been distributors of TKL/Flowserve product for a few decades in comparison, and the majority of those decades old pumps, remain very serviceable, and perform daily duties, in true workhorse fashion. Flowserve still manufacture the core TKL product here in Australia too, just another reason we are so proud to support them.

esbray_aus_logo_for cards

Ebsray is another long established company providing quality product for over 60 years. Fueling up your car, your plane, your train or your bus ? Chances are, during at least one, and likely many of the stages of the manufacture, your fuel it would have passed through Ebsray pumps. An iconic Australian company, recently purchased by a large multinational to further improve and develop the markets these pumps are found in, I don’t think there would be a refinery in Australia that doesn’t have at least one Ebsray, & generally lots. Refueling stations, bitumen pumping, truck loading / unloading, LPG delivery and transfer, you’ve seen them, you just might not realise it ! ame have been proudly distributing and supporting Ebsray pumps in South Australia for decades ! Oh and Ebsray still manufacture here in Australia as well .. bloody legends ..

GD NASH logo Hi rez no tag RGBStarting back in 1905, Nash Engineering, as it was known then through to today with the combining of Nash, the leader in liquid ring vacuum pumps, with elmo, the leader in side channel blowers, and today known as Gardner Denver Nash. Their liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors and engineered systems, serve the chemical, petroleum, power, paper, mining, environmental, food, and wastewater treatment industries across the globe.  The Nash Division of Gardner Denver has manufacturing facilities in the China, Germany and Brazil along with Engineered To Order (ETO) centers in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, USA; Singapore; Smithfield, NSW, Australia; Nuremberg, Germany and Assendelft, Netherlands.

Wilden_CMYKame is very pleased to have been appointed the Sole South Australian Wilden distributor !

The originator of mass diaphragm pumping technologies, one of the most widely used diaphragm pumps in the world, with resources ploughed back into research and development. Our sole distributor appointment enables us to have closer contact with the factory, the ability to access national and international stock holdings, and remove middle man markups. Widely recognised as the worlds leading diaphragm pump manufacturer, they often leave the others playing catchup to their technology. Seriously.. check out the proflo shift !

SEEPEX-Logo-New StyleSeepex are a brand name synonymous with quality. The German manufacturer brings a quality to the helical rotor market that is hard to find in other less innovative companies. Recent developments such as the Seepex SCT is great technology, which allows you to change a rotor or clear a clogged pump in minutes, literally. ame are very pleased to have been appointed South Australian distributor of this leading edge helical rotor pump.

logo_IWAKIIwaki, magnetic drive pumps are a Japanese precision pump available in a number of material combinations to suit chemical and arduous duty application. From dosing and water treatment, chemical handling through to chemical slurry transfer the Iwaki range is one of the highest quality engineered solutions on the planet. ame have a long association and appreciation of Iwaki, and are the very happy South Australian distributors of this outstanding Japanese product.



We have been long recognised within the food and beverage industries as providing quality service and products to a variety of budgets. Recently we became the South Australian distributor for APV, SPXFlow pumps and valves along with the heritage Waukesha Cherry-Burrell. This partnership strengthens our stable with some of the worlds best food, hygienic and specialist offerings. We also enjoy difficult product challenges to keep us on our toes, and the wealth of historical problem solving specific to food and beverage that we now have access to is astounding. Repairs, sales and service of their valves is also a great value add to our company and we look forward to discussing where they will fit into your process.

WMBC_PCcmyk With over 50 years experience in... Peristaltic pumps, tube and hose pumps, sine pumps, liquid filling and OEM pumps, hard to move slurries, chemicals, and a variety of foods have been successfully pumped with Watson Marlow Bredel pumps. ame has had a very long association with WMB and regularly supply, select and service pumps from this market leader. From the Machined hoses in the Bredel peristaltic range, through to small hose elements for the chemical handling units, and complete heads for the renew series in the Qdos pumps, we can find something to move your most troublesome products. ame have been proud suppliers of Bredel since the very very early days and remain their South Australian distributor, with many of the earliest pumps continuing in service having had minimal maintenance in very arduous conditions.

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