ame pumps is the only Authorised South Australian Wilden distributor.

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Wilden has been manufacturing Air Operated Diaphragm (AOD) pumps since 1955, and we've been selling them for 30 years or so! Wilden diaphragm pumps successfully deliver a broad range of flow rates and outlet pressures ideal for pumping in the food & beverage, general industrial, mining and construction, and chemical industries and are versatile enough for many others. Wilden pumps are long-lasting and any broken parts can be easily replaced with a huge range of genuine Wilden spare parts. As a result, they are used in a wide range of industries to handle different materials such as chemicals, crude oil, mining, food, beverage, paints and many more. Imitated often, the Wilden range is unbeatable for efficiency, materials compatibility and support.

Assett Mechanical Engineering | ame, are the only Authorised South Australian Wilden distributor, you can fact check that HERE > @ Wildens Distributor Locator

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Able to Run Dry
Wilden AOD's are happy running dry with no mechanical seals to damage.
Variable Speed
Wilden AOD's are driven by air flow for speed and air pressure for flow.
Chemical Compatibility
Wilden AOD's are available in a multitude of of materials and combinations.
Budget Conscious
There are a large number of size options available to suit differing flows and pressures allowing for budget sensitive selections.
Gas Driven Series
Wilden the market leaders have released their GPS and GPX range of pumps able to run on Natural Gas.
Suited to your Industry
Wilden pumps are relied upon in a vast number of different Industries, just like yours !
Well Certified !
Wilden have certifications to CE,UL, Ex, ATEX, EHEDG, 3A, FDA,USP, HI, CSA & European Community Regulation 1935/2004/EC
Market Leaders
Wilden are market leaders in AOD pumps, 2015 was their 60th birthday !
Locally Stocked
ame hold a large amount of Wilden stock, both pumps and spares, and can draw on US and Au stocks from distributors within the network if required.
Energy Efficient
Wilden ProFlo Shift pumps are he most energy efficient pumps in their class.

Wilden AODD How It Works